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What Do Our Cats Look Like Now?

Eros - F1 Savannah Cat


"Melissa , Thank you will never express how appreciative Our family is with the addition of F1 Savannah, Eros in September! He has to be the best kitten ever born! It is because of you and your expertise in raising the kittens from infancy. He has the best temperament , friendly to everyone including my little grandchildren, sleeps with us, sits in your lap every time you sit down, puffs his tail in excitement upon my return home, plays fetch and is so inquisitive! If you ever need a spokesperson who is a firm believer in YOU, I'm here! Thank you, Jeannie"

Ms zhang  - Caracal cat


"Hello Melissa, Here is a latest picture of Doug. I will take some more pics while he is awake and send it to you. He is such a sweet kitty! I take him with me when I travel for my job. Thank you"

Owned By Super Model, Valentina Zhang

Maxwell – F1 Savannah Cat


"Dear Melissa, ! From the moment we first opened the carrier it was apparent that he was raised with love and affection. He is extremely social and loving…. not at all standoffish or afraid of visitors. He follow us around the house and have slept in the bed with us every night from the very start. We are so happy we decided to get both as they give us constant entertainment! Thank You Melissa !- The Shaws"

The Hound - F1 Savannah Cat


“Hey Melissa ! Just checking in with you. We took our boy to the vet today. Everyone there fell in love with him and instantly started taking pics of him and started passing him around! He loved being the center of attention. His check up went extremely well. He is as healthy as can be! I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. We love him to pieces and he is so spoiled already!! I have to say he has the best personality!! He instantly purrs when we play with him or pet him. We have been putting his harness on him every now and then and he is tolerating it very well! He has been sleeping with us in bed at night and is doing great. He is always so wore out at night from all the attention and play time he gets during the day. He is so funny to watch, he just does the cutest things! :) — Alecia"

Heaven Sent - clouded leopard  Cat


"Dear Melissa, Bell just celebrated their  2nd birthday and theyr have become such big .  their  weighed in at 22 lbs. during their last visit to the vet for a check-up. they  doesn't like to be held but is still my constant companion never more than a foot away. they  lays on me at night (all 22 lbs.) and purrs up a storm when I pet them. This is what they looks like at 2."

Helene sabattu


Merci Madame Melissa et Jane , je suis heureuse à Marseille chez moi avec ZANIA , elle nous rends heureux . 

Jean Pierre dupuis


Grace à vous ma vie n'est plus la meme , je vous remercie 

Jean Pierre Dupuis

leopold eddy


Dieu est Grand . God is Love 
Vous etes généreux

Thai pai puong



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