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Caracal (Caracal (African Lynx)

Caracals have brown to red coats, females are typically lighter in colour than males. The face has black markings around the whisker pads, around the eyes and faintly down the centre of the head and nose. The trademark features are the elongated and black-tufted ears. Their legs are relatively long with the hind legs more so and well muscled. The tail is short.


Caracals occupy diverse habitats but typically found in woodlands, thickets and scrub forest, plains and rocky hills are also common habitats.
They can tolerate quite arid conditions.


Caracals are strict carnivores; the bulk of their diet consisting of hyraxes, hares, rodents, small antelopes, small monkeys, birds and sometimes small reptiles. Although they are renowned for their acrobatic leaps to snatch birds out of mid-air, mammals make up more than half of their diet.
They are formidable predators able to tackle prey up to three times their size.

Weight 8-19 kg
Size 80-125 cm
Lifespan (wild) 12 years
Lifespan (captivity) 20 years

Male : 3500 USD 
Female :4000 USD 
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