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We are the first exotic cats breeders based in Europe  . We also have some  small catteries in Central of Europe  and ASIA  .  

We are one of the biggest home cattery dedicated to producing exceptional Savannah kittens , Caracal , serval , ocelot ,  raised in our home alongside us as loved family members. We are experienced breeders of  cats. We breed high  Savannahs from one generation to the African Serval , F1 to SBT Savannahs.

 We ship our cats in the whole Europe , USA and ASIA .

We are in partnership with the CITES PERMIT and all our cats are delivered with all their legal documents .

We are able to deliver our kittens in prohibited states or countries without any problems ...

We are in partnership with an international pets delivery agency , they deliver our cats all times without any problems.

All our cats are in good health , affectionate , playful with children and other pets , they are potty trained and ready to live in their new home .

These cats are known for their good personalities and wild looks, they are also the biggest domestic cat in the world!!  If you would like to Subscribe to our website we will update you with the latest news, post availability of kittens and also our breeding plans. Simply fill out the form in the (Kittens for sale section) to stay updated!






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